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Let Healthy Habits Nurture Healthy Genes

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Keeping your Genes healthy requires good food, good sleep, good exercise and some good laughs!

I have been intrigued lately at all of the genetic research that is coming out showing the profound impact that the food we eat, the air we breathe as well as our environment has on our genes. We are born with a set of genes and only a few genetic traits are “fixed” such as eye color, hair color, height, etc.  Most of our genes, regulate biochemical pathways and their expression can be altered by choices that we make.  Sure, some of us may have a stronger pre-disposition than others when it comes to getting age related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, alzheimers, cancer, etc., … however, you can still have some control over those genetic predispositions with some of the dietary and lifestyle choices that you make in your life.

The Food you Eat has an Impact on Gene Expression

Yes, this statement is in fact true.  What is on the end of our fork happens to be very powerful medicine!  We all have many factors in our diet, environment and lifestyle that affect our genes and how we age. Many of these factors are within our control. Diet is the easiest to control and probably the most profound on genetic expression.

​What is Nurigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is a cutting edge science that shows how different foods may interact with specific genes.  It is as if the foods you eat can talk with your genes and have an impact on how the genes decide to express themselves.  Food provides strong signals that can directly influence the cellular metabolic programming  and shift the outcome of common diseases​.  We discuss the impact of food on the body in depth in our HCG Diet and Wellness program.

It is hard to make this science very basic as it is actually quite complex.  However, in a nutshell if you eat the right foods, get good sleep, take time in your life to breathe deep, relax and enjoy where you are … you are sending instructions to your genes to create the best health outcome they can for you.  Eat real food my friends!  Processed foods do not have a positive impact on our genetics.  They have been altered on a micronutrient level and cannot deliver positive messages. Processed foods actually are not really food in many cases … they are “food like substances.”  It has been shown that the body can recognize this stuff as “foreign” and prompt an inflammatory response to cascade.  Over time, this can lead to a chronic inflammatory condition in the body which is the base of any serious illnesses.

Tips for A Healthy Genetic Expression and A Vibrant Life​

Eat Real Food!  Most “real” foods do not come with a label or a package (nuts, veggies, fruits, meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, etc).  Real food is a delivery system to your cells of life sustaining nutrients.

I do not believe that their is one correct diet for everyone!  We are all unique expressions in the human form.  However, I do believe that we can eat as close to nature as possible!

Choose organic produce as often as you can!  Choose grass fed and sustainable protein options as often as you can.  Check out the “dirty dozen and clean 15” by the environmental working group (https://donate.ewg.org/images/EWG_2016PesticidesInProduceGuide.pdf?_ga=1.124227075.884272273.1464386163)

​Buy your food fresh as often as you can.  Buy your food as local as you can!

Stop eating when you are 80% full.  Seriously, the easiest concept in the world and somehow so hard for so many to be mindful of.  I always coach my HCG Diet patients to learn to eat when they are hungry and stop when comfortably full.​

Be cautious of foods that make health claims or are advertised.  Fresh produce does not come with a bunch of marketed material on what it can do for your health. Remember, food is a market!​

​Do not obsess about calories or amounts of fat, carb and protein. Yes, be mindful of these things.  Different bodies have different requirements.​

Enjoy your food!  Food is meant to be enjoyed.  Fresh produce or a freshly caught fish is AMAZING!  Enjoy the food and enjoy the people that you surround yourself with when eating. Eat with Gratitude​

​If you had an “off” day with your diet … be quick to forgive yourself.  You can always take ACTION the next ay and get back on track.  ​


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