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Misconceptions about the HCG Diet Program

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I have to admit that as a Naturopathic Physician hearing about the HCG Diet for the first time I had a great deal of judgment.  Until I got ALL of the information and studied about how this program worked I did not feel it was a very safe plan. After spending years studying the diet and its effects I find the HCG Diet to be a total asset to the health of my patients needing to lose weight. There are lots of misconceptions spreading about the supposed dangers of the 500 calorie a day HCG diet. You have probably read some of them. The worst depicts the diet capable of permanently impairing your health.

The HCG Diet Phase II and 500 (ish) calories

Of course, anytime you hear someone say that they are eating only 500(ish) calories and you do not understand that the HCG along with the diet is helping the body to burn fat which can be used as fuel – you might deduct that the HCG Diet is not a healthy diet.  When we do body composition analysis on our patients who use Rx HCG along with the very specific and unique HCG Diet program that we offer at The Natural Path they lose very little lean muscle. This diet has been around for nearly 70 years and the results have been exceptional when done correctly.

I will have no energy and be lethargic on the HCG Diet …

Truth is that most people have MORE energy on the HCG Diet and feel better than ever. The first week some may complain of low energy as they get started. I believe that this is a “detox reaction” as the body begins to cleanse.

The HCG Diet actually has shown to have some health benefits in our practice

The HCG Diet and it’s result of weight loss can also have long term health benefits such as : lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve thyroid function, improve digestion, improve sleep and balance blood sugar issues.  It is also an amazing way to boost confidence and feel good in your body!


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Disclaimer: HCG is not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration as a weight-loss medication. This is a legal but “off label” use

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