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Our Modern Version of the HCG Diet Plan!

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Boost Your Fat Burning & Elevate Your Health!

HCG Diet Green JuiceThe Longevity HCG Diet is not only about losing weight, it is also about re-aligning you with a long ‘health-span.’  Over time, food is the best medicine that we have (period).  If you want to age gracefully, you need to re-think what goes into your body!  This program was designed to ignite the quality of your life.  It combines my years of clinical experience in helping people successfully lose weight, along with the latest cutting-edge research on what creates and burns fat stores in the body!  This is a way to elevate your vitality for life!

Longevity is about helping our body to get better at repair (cellular, DNA damage), maintaining and using wisely what we have (energy, organ, tissue and body parts’ functions) and designing our hormonal environment to accommodate all these processes more efficiently.

In our youth, we want to get our hands on as much healthy nutrition as we can to maintain adequate growth and development.  On the other hand, as we come into adulthood and stop the “growth phase” of life, it is best to teach your body and your metabolism how to conserve and restore through regular fasting and protein cycling.  The research on this topic won a Nobel Prize for science in 2016.  Ideally, if we can decrease our caloric intake and get the proper nutrients to maintain healthy tissues and cells, we will increase our longevity and our “health-span.”

Unlock the power of fat stores for the body to utilize as fuel

We will discuss in detail the building blocks of a healthy longevity and wellness diet.  We are learning today that less calories with proper nutrients is an ideal way to eat!  In my experience, intermittent fasting is a cornerstone to optimal functioning of the human body and is a big part of the Longevity Wellness Plan. This can be a challenge a first but gets very easy with time and the benefits will elevate your vitality.

In time, the results of this plan will be seen and felt almost immediately!


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