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Stalls and Stall Breakers on the HCG Diet

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Don’t Let an HCG Diet Stall Get you Down

hcg diet portlandA plateau is a NORMAL part of any weight loss program. A plateau lasts 3-5 days and can happen anytime throughout phase 2 of the Longevity HCG Diet program. It is not uncommon for a menstruating woman to stall a few days before and during the menstrual period. It is also normal to stall if you have sore muscles from exercise due to lactic acid build up.

It’s only a stall/plateau if it lasts 3 days or more! Stalls will always correct themselves (just water if you have not had a cheat) and sometimes this is just normal human physiology!

The Whoosh Effect Can Explain an HCG Diet Stall

 Have you heard of the “whoosh effect”? This is a name given to the phenomenon of a fat cell holding water after the fat is burned. This can cause your weight to stall even though you’re still burning fat.

 When a plateau occurs and lasts more than 3 days we recommend that you try an apple day (see below).  If you hit a plateau, please ask yourself … Have I moved my bowels today? Did I have more sodium than normal? Could my menstrual cycle be due? Are my muscles sore? Is this weight I am at an old “set point?” These could potentially cause stalls. Sometimes, plateaus cannot be explained and weight loss will resume when the body is ready.  The body can hold water for many reasons.

Plateau Mantra:

I am still burning fat; I am simply holding water and this too shall pass.”

The HCG Diet Stall Apple Day

After 3 days of a plateau we recommend the APPLE DAY! An apple day is a nice way to break a stall! If you have been the same weight for 3 or more days then it is a great time for an apple day.  What to do: start your day with coffee, tea and/or water in the morning.  Throughout the afternoon /evening (starting around lunch time) you will consume 5 small, organic apples.  Hydrate as you need to.  The next day, you will resume a normal phase 2 Longevity HCG Diet day and hopefully have broken your stall.


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