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SUSTAINABLE weight loss with the HCG DIET!

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P SHOT PORTLANDOur evolved HCG Diet protocol for weight loss at The Natural Path is a highly effective way to quickly shed weight under medical supervision.  The program is an intensive into learning about how to eat to keep your body composition where you feel best.  Our patients lose weight and most of them keep it off and feel better than ever. On occasion, some will gain the weight back but, they know exactly why. If the weight comes back on, our patients LEARN from cause and effect. Usually, they get sucked back into the carb/sugar trap and then can see quickly the result it has on their body. This is never failure but all good learning. Those that keep it off are often blow away at the simple changes they made to support a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the HCG Diet in a nut-shell?

The letters HCG stand for “human chorionic gonadotropin” a protein that in low doses has been thought to suppress appetite and help with fat turnover for fuel. Developed in the 1950’s by a British doctor. Dr. Albert Simons practicing and researching in Rome. The HCG diet is a weight loss protocol that involves restricting calorie consumption to 500-800 calories per day while taking HCG injections at specific doses.  Althogh the caloric  intake seems low, patients are eating 100% nutrient dense food AND fat stores are a reservoir of caloric fuel for the body to utilize. Each pound of fat burned, has over 3000 calories to offer the body for fuel. This protocol has been consistently shown to achieve dramatic weight loss.  The habits learned on the program will translate into a lifestyle diet and the program often becomes the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Is the HCG Diet Sustainable?

The HCG diets protocol has 3 very important phases.

  1. loading phase (phase 1) –  this phase lasts for 2 days and patients consume a moderate amount of healthy high fat foods.
  2. weight loss phase (phase 2) – in this phase, patients inject HCG daily and follow the phase 2 food protocol.
  3. transition phase (phase 3) – no more injections in this phase and the food intake becomes what I would consider a great lifestyle diet.

It’s during  phase 3 that we begin to lay down the lifestyle diet. This phase is SO important to the protocol.  that a solid maintenance plan under proper medical supervision is important. By eating the right foods in the right quantities – most of our patients will  increase the caloric intake without gaining weight. Some of our patients will continue to lose slowly on the lifestyle plan.

Our evolved version of the HCG Diet protocol is monitored by Dr. Cara Phillipo ND. She provides full support to all of her patients.  Her goal is to help you and your appetite fully transition and keep the weight off for good.

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