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The Amazing Improvements with the HCG Diet on Body Composition

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HCG Diet PortlandThe HCG Diet protocol offers patients incredible results on so many levels. I have been facilitating this process for over a decade and I continue to be blown away by the amazing results.  I find the HCG Diet to be an incredible detoxification process, as well as, a way to reset habits and patterns with our relationship to food. On our InBody scan, I find unbelievable changes from the first scan prior to starting the program to the last scan done post program.

The InBody Body Composition Analysis

One of my favorite parts of our HCG Diet program at The Natural Path is doing the body composition analysis before and after the program. Our state of the art InBody body composition analyzer offers an extremely accurate calculation of body composition and looks at many different parameters. The scan will look at weight, lean body mass, tota body water, total body water/extracellular water, percent body fat, pounds of body fat, pounds of skeletal muscle, lean segmental analysis, segmental fat analysis, BMR, as well as, the amount of visceral body fat. I find this to be an exceptional tool with all of my patients.

Body Composition Changes with the HCG Diet Protocol

On body composition analysis pre and post HCG Diet program we generally see 95-100% of the weight loss come from FAT STORES and not lean mass. We see body weight go down, body fat go down, lean mass stay the roughly the same, total body water may drop 2-4 lbs due to fat burning, visceral fat goes down, BMI decreases and percent body fat will also decrease!   Please see the photo above to show an example of the changes that can happen with one round of the HCG Diet protocol.

We also see bio markers improve on lab work!  We also end up lowering or removing many blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol lowering medications over time!  This is an amazing health and wellness boosting program. It is my passion to help people develop a healthir relationship with food and also with their bodies!

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