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The HCG Diet and Metabolic Optimization

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Portland hCG dietThe HCG Diet is one of my greatest passions.  It is where I have submerged my intellectual mind for the past 14 years.  I have learned so much and my clinical experience has been my greatest teacher.  I truly feel like the HCG Diet helps my patients to find metabolic wellness, as well as, metabolic flexibility.  The HCG Diet is specifically designed to trigger the hormones that burn fat, build or maintain muscle and keep you young and healthy while minimizing the hormones designed to pack fat on, eat away your muscle and age you faster.

In my experience, I see how the HCG Diet can help to correct the IFG-1 to insulin ratio so that IGF-1 can serve as the major fuel pump system in the body and activate the fat-burning tissues in your body.

Regulating Metabolic Hormones on the HCG Diet Protocol

We want to keep insulin levels down for the most part, but we also want to prevent the body from making the kinds of adaptations that it typically makes to any diet. We also want to help those with leptin resistance correct this pathway. We also want to be sure the thyroid gland is functioning optimally!

The great news that I have uncovered in my private medical practice through clinical observation and lab work is that leptin resistance can be corrected, insulin resistance can be reversed, IGF-1 can be optimized, and the hormonal symphony can be trained to play in tune. This all needs to happen to create lasting weight loss!  We also need to be sure we are taking a good look at stress, exercise, sleep and detoxification!



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