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The HCG Diet as a Tool to Change Food Patterns

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HCG Diet for  Weight Loss

The HCG Diet is a wonderful way to shed some weight and change habits and patterns around eating!

The world of today, means that we can have an unbelievable amount of food at our fingertips 24 hours a day! In fact, our daily lives tend to revolve around food.  We eat for so many reasons … celebrations, graduations, holidays, funerals, boredom, entertainment, wound healing, reward, etc.  We gather with our friends and family in groups to celebrate with food and drink.  We eat to soothe our pain. We eat to help pass time. We eat for so many reasons when the functional design of a human being was to eat for hunger and to support our physiology.

Food for Fuel … a Lesson Learned on the HCG Diet Program

With the medical weight loss programs that we offer at The Natural Path, we ask our HCG Diet patients to get in touch with their food triggers.  We ask them to check in before eating and ask … “Am I really hungry or am I eating for another reason?”  This often invites to get in touch with what those reasons are without judgement.

We also ask our patients to imagine a world where there was a limit on what types of food  and the amounts that were available?  What would you choose? Would you consider something that was tasty yet offered no nutritional value or would you value something that was nutritionally dense and gave your body hours of energy!

The truth is that what is on the end of our forks is the best medicine that we have over the long term.  The decisions we make many times per day as we choose what goes into our mouths plays quite a big role in how our body functions. Will your body store your food as fat for fuel later or will it use the nutrients to function optimally.  These patterns ultimately will dictate our health, our body composition and our metabolism.

Shifting Habits and Patterns with Food on the HCG Diet Program

The simple equation of calories in and calories out is not how weight loss works.  In my experience, I find weight loss and weight gain to be hormonal with multiple hormonal factors set up to influence the body to burn fat for fuel or store it for later.   It always amazes me to see patients who are doing their very best with food choices and physical activity struggle to lose weight. This frustrating situation is primarily due to fact that the metabolic set point has been altered due to some hormonal imbalances that result in the bodies resistance to burning stored fat.  This is where in my clinical practice I have found the HCG Diet to be quite effective.   Rx HCG via the HCG Diet protocol, is one tool that we use help re-establish the connection between the brain and the fat burning hormone leptin.   It is also important to ensure that other hormonal systems are in balance and not contributing to the inability to lose weight.

Many of our patients come to the HCG Diet program with the primary intention of shedding excess weight that has been accumulating over time.  However, weight loss is truly just one of the many positive outcomes of this program.  What we see at the end of the program is a far deeper transformation!!  Through the process,  there is a fundamental shift in the way the patient relates to food and to his or her own emotional impulses to eat.  In my experience, the HCG Diet is an emotional/behavioral eating rehab and this is the most amazing part.  In fact, this is the only way to make lasting changes to body composition and metabolism. We often tell patients that  the Rx HCG and the HCG Diet is not a quick fix.  However, it is a springboard and a wonderful tool that we can use to shift and change our deepest patterns surrounding food and how we utilize it, physically, behaviorally and emotionally!

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