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The History of the HCG Diet for Weight Loss

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hcg diet portlandI am very thankful to the amazing Dr. A. Simeons MD who was a British physician, practicing in Rome.  Dr. Simeons specialized in the treatment of young boys with Froelicks syndrome. These boys were not developing their secondary sexual characteristics and had a “female” pattern of weight distribution. He was using HCG (an FDA approved use of the medication) to help these boys develop secondary sexual traits.  In his study, he controlled variables such as diet and began to notice their body compositions changed.  He hypothesized and then proved his theory that HCG helped to burn and mobilize fat stores in the body when a specific dietary protocol was followed.

He began to study obesity and was using Rx HCG along with a specific dietary protocol for weight loss. Through careful, clinical research, Dr. Simeons discovered that small amounts of HCG could help to shift the metabolic center  in the hypothalamus of the brain. Dr. Simeons theorized that the the HCG Diet could promote the burning of “abnormal” body fat.  Dr. Simeons also found that weight loss with the HCG Diet would spare the “structural” fat that can be found within the muscles, face, palms, soles and in the protective layers around the internal organs

Most important, it was found that HCG weight loss will spare lean muscle mass.  Overall the HCG Diet seems to target fat that patients find difficult to lose.  It is not unusual for a patient to come to our office after trying everything and just cannot seem to shed that last 20 lbs.


The Dr. Simeons published the results of his clinical work and guidelines for the HCG weight loss program in his manuscript “pounds and inches” in 1954.

What are the Benefits of the HCG Diet & Weight Loss Program?


  • The HCG Diet promotes the burning of “abnormal” fat stores in thebody
  • The HCG Diet helps to reset the bodies metabolic center in the hypothaamus of the brain
  • Clinically, we find that many of our patients will have decreased inflammation in the body
  • The HCG Diet is a wonderful way to deeply cleasne the body.
  • HCG Diet &  weight loss enhances your overall health and well-being

An Over view of the HCG Diet & HCG Weight Loss Protocol

The HCG Diet helps to drive substantial fat loss from storage sites in the body that are typically difficult to lose. This program helps to attain and maintain your ideal healthy body weight by hypothetically re-calibration and normalization of the hypothalamus. We also find that this program supports detoxification  through elimination of fat-soluble toxins, which all serve to promote over all improvement of health and well-being.


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