Cleansing and Detoxing Your Home and Body


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Low dose naltrexone weight lossI love being of support to all of my patients. I love being available via text or email between office visits when they have a question/concern, need a cheerleader or re-assurance. It brings me joy to offer support and to see the deep transformation that this program can offer.  Learn more about our weight loss programs!



I want to say I am PROUD of you for taking this program on.  It is a great human challenge in the world today where most of us have the privilege of unlimited access to food. Remember, our ancestors (not long ago) had no guarantee they would eat tomorrow.  We are trying to get to that place in time where we learn to eat functionally for our genetics and our lifestyle in 2021 — while also enjoying the wonderful “treats” this modern day world has to offer with mindful enjoyment!

In those moments when things feel tough – it happens to us all … stay tried and true! Honestly, those moments when you dig your heels and wonder why you ever signed up for this in the first place are the most important.  We are changing habits and patterns and I ask you to keep saying YES to this. This is the work and to get anywhere in life discipline is a key element.

When you notice resistance comes up use one of the following affirmations or reminders. Keep re-aligning those parts of you that want to jump off the track! Staying on track over time will eventually lead to a lifestyle~

  • I am willing to change.
  • I can do this.
  • I have the power to change my eating habits.
  • Yes, I can!
  • I eat only what I need.
  • I choose to eat healthy foods.
  • I choose to stay on track.
  • I am committed to my goals.
  • I effortlessly stay on track.
  • I eat foods that nourish me and support my goal.

Repeat these frequently throughout the day until you feel less resistance. Remember, your weight and habit of overeating or eating foods higher in carbs/sugar has been serving you in some way. Often times, we use food to fill a void, meet some need in our lives, for entertainment or a quick dose of pleasure.

Along with staying on track and saying “YES, I CAN!” you must find out what that void or need is and find a healthier, positive way of filling it. It is good to come face to face with food triggers and find a new way to handle it. If you do not, you will quickly lapse back into your old destructive behaviors after this is over. This is one of the main reasons why diets fail.  I want to help you make this the end of your dieting career!  I have seen long term success with so many of my patients and it comes with a strong reset of habits and patterns and a new relationship with food! All of this is 100% possible!

Remember!  You are an amazing, worthy, beautiful human who is taking these big steps to meet a goal that you are longing for!  You are chasing your dream. We are all searching for the same thing. Happiness. Happiness within our lives, but mostly within ourselves and feeling good in your skin is a piece of that!

Stay on track my friend. I am here to help. Just reach out anytime!

With Care!

Dr. Cara
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