Cleansing the Home

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Cleansing and Detoxing Your Home and BodyIn my work in helping people lose weight through our medical weight loss programs at The Natural Path, we learn a lot about choosing “clean” forms of food and beverages.  We also have to take into consideration our home environment.  The home can be a potential minefield if you’re trying to avoid toxic chemicals. We probably won’t be able to remove them all from our home, but we can try to do some damage control and take positive steps to creating a non-toxic home environment.

Plastics in Our Food

Rule #1 — never ever microwave plastic!  Use only glass containers. Plastics heated in a microwave will leek harmful toxic by-products into food.  Also, try to store food in glass, stainless steel or ceramic containers if possible.

“GREEN” Detergents, Soaps and Cleaning Products

If it is possible, switch to all-natural, “green” detergents, soaps and cleaning products. It’s a good way to re-duce the amount of unnecessary toxins in the house.  I also think it is a great idea to use all-natural, “green” personal hygiene products such as aluminum-free deodorant. Look for products that are free of parabens, phthalates and propylene.  Read labels and try to avoid the antibacterial chemical triclosan that is found in some antibacterial soaps. Triclosan can accumulate in our bodies and has been linked to hormone disruption and the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Investing in an air filter (a HEPA filter with charcoal filter) to help clean the indoor air is also a great idea!!



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