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Getting Control of Body Composition with the HCG Diet Protocol

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HCG DIET PortlandIn the modern day world, food is simply too available, too convenient and most often loaded with chemicals to make us want more. The food industry is a huge for profit industry where human health is far behind the monetary gains. We also have a strong addictive potential in our brains to keep us wanting more.  Having a healthy diet in today’s world is truly a privilege. You have to learn for yourself and follow the research about what our bodies really need.  I love helping people LEARN about how there bodies function and how to eat in a way that will help the shed unwanted pounds and maintain the weight they have lost through my evolved HCG Diet program at The Natural Path.


Evolving the HCG Diet Protocol

I began working with the HCG Diet protocol in 2005.  After seeing incredibly surprising results I began digging deep into research.  How did this program work so well?  How were my patients able to maintain their weight loss?  I began evolving Dr. Simeon’s original HCG Diet protocol through my own investigation and clinical research. I worked closely with researchers who helped me extrapolate data. I worked closely with behavioral eating psychologists to understand the deeply en-grained behavioral aspect of eating for any other reason besides the call of physiological hunger. I stay tuned in to the latest research on weight loss science which has really jumped leaps and bounds since 2016.  I began writing a book which I entitiled, “Driven to Eat,” which will hopefully be wrapped up soon and available as a resource to those who want the cliff notes version of what creates fat storage in the body and what creates fat breakdown.

My Passion with the HCG DIET Program

I LOVE the work the I do!  It changes peoples lives! I get to watch people transform and blossom!  It is one of my deepest passions!  Changing the way that we eat and learning to eat in a way that paves the path to the healthiest version of YOU is my passion with medicine. I offer next level support to ALL of my patients and love the relationships I create with people each and every day!


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