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Getting Through the First Week of the HCG Diet Program

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hcg diet portlandThe first 2-7 days of the low-calorie phase 2 of the HCG Diet can be a challenge for some. There is SO much going on in your body at this time.  First, you are cleansing an detoxing and this is a lot of work on the body.  It can make you feel tired, sluggish, low energy and occasionally head-achy.  During this time, you are also shifting from a fuel source of carbohydrate to a main fuel source of fat which can be hard on the body.  You will adjust. The body takes time to adapt. We are truly amazing at adapting and within a few days, most of my patients report very little hunger or discomfort.

Reasons for Feeling Tired and Hungry at the Start of the HCG Diet

  1. Psychological hunger is real.  It may very well be in your head and hunger signaling will be reset as time goes on.  We get habituated as human beings so easily.  Stay motivated! Stay inspired! Stay prepeared! You have to remind yourself that the HCG is releasing between 1,000 – 2,000 + calories a day into your bloodstream, and that you can be satisfied and calorically stable even if eating only 500 ish calories daily as a lot more caloric energy is being turned over for you from your fat stores!
  2. Not enough water. It’s important to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water each day on the HCG Diet. If you don’t drink enough water on the HCG Diet protocol, your body will not be able to readily let go of the fat and toxins from  your system.  Pro-Tip: hot liquids create a sensation of fullness.
  3. Detoxing/Cleansing – The standard American diet has people eating more fat, sugar, salt, caffeine, packaged foods and carbohydrates on a daily basis.  When we start eating the clean and simple foods on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, our body can take some time to adjust. This is the reason most people experience headaches in the first week. Feel free to take a pain reliever such as acetominphen, ibuprofen or aleve.

A Few Helpful Hints to Help you on the First Week of the HCG Diet

Green vegetables are unlimited!  Enjoy the free veggies in the RAW form as you desire.  Enjoy as much of that lettuce, spinach, celery, etc. as you want until you’re full.  The free vegetables were added to the HCG Diet protocol for this reason.

Breakfast is a thing for some people.  I love the idea of intermittent fasting but maybe you are not ready for that yet and you need breakfast in the morning.  You are welcome to try your 2-3 free egg whites and free veggies such as spinach.  You can also have 1/2-1 piece of your fruit options.

Remember … it just gets easier as your body adapts!

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