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Balancing Metabolic Hormones through the HCG Diet Protocol

hcg diet portlandThe HCG Diet helps people lose weight and with proper education the weight loss can be permanent!  It takes some discipline and some long-term life changes. However, it does not mean giving up all of your favorite things in life!  I find it important in the end to TREAT yourself!


Correcting Fat Burning Hormones via the HCG Diet

Not only does the HCG Diet help people lose weight, it also helps to balance out the hormones that trigger fat burning.  This is a big part of the educational experience that I offer those patients who go through my HCG Diet protocol at The Natural Path.   The hCG Diet can help to trigger the hormones that burn fat, build or maintain muscle and keep you feeling great!  The program can also help to  minimize the hormones designed to create fat storage and elevate inflammation in the body.

In order to keep burning fat, we need to lower insulin levels and keep our IGF-1 in the optimal range. We also need to keep leptin levels in a good range and retain optimal thyroid function.  All of these hormones need to play in tune for fat burning to take place and for weight loss maintenance to be effective.

A Few Reminders About our Fat Burning Hormones on the HCG Diet Protocol

All of the fat burning hormones need to be optimized to work together!

  • Insulin is the fat-storage hormone, whose job it is to fill the cells up with sugar and fat. It is our “chronic fat storage hormone.”
  • IGF-1 stands for, insulin-like growth factor-1.  IGF-1 is the fat-burning hormone that helps you to repair muscle and break down fat cells.

In the body, insulin and IGF-1 compete for the same receptors.  When you’re a sugar burner, you rely on insulin to deliver messages to the cells, and IGF-1 activity is slowed down.

  • Leptin is a hormone that functions like the fuel gauge in your body that tells you when you need food. Leptin sends a hunger signal to the brain when it senses you need food.  Unfortunately, when you’re a sugar burner,  the leptin message (“Stop eating, you’re full!”) does not get through to the brain.
  • The thyroid is the metabolic gatekeeper. When the thyroid releases inadequate amounts of thyroid hormone, the metabolism slows down.


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