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Miracle Noodles on the HCG Diet Weight Loss Program

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hcg diet portlandMiracle noodles are a wonderful form of a noodle. Who would not be grateful for a noodle that has almost no calories, and no carbs?  Many of our patients ask us if they can have miracle noodles on the second phase of the HCG Diet.  For most patients on the HCG Diet Program,  miracle noodles seem to be a great addition.  They can help patients feel a sense of fullness; especially at the start of the program.  However,  every now and then, we will see someone stall their weight loss with the addition of miracle noodles.  The reason for this is that Miracle Noodles contain insoluble fiber that absorbs 5-7 times its weight in water.  Miracle noodles are known to slow down your digestion and create a sense of fullness.  Miracle noodles are 100% free from calories, soy and gluten, which can be easily incorporated with HCG Diet.

Adding Miracle Noodles into Your HCG Diet Protocol

If you choose to add miracle noodles into your HCG Diet program, we recommend 1/2 of a bag of miracle noodles or shirataki noodles to be used daily at the maximum. Due to the high fiber content, miracle noodles can absorb water and we have seen patients gain up to 3 lbs if they have not had a bowel movement before their weigh in.  There is no need to worry as this is simply water and fiber that will move through!  Miracle noodles can be topped of with a healthy marinara sauce or pan fried with your favorite protein and vegetable. There are many ways to incorporate them on the HCG Diet program.


  1. Miracle Noodles do not contain any cholesterol, sodium, calories, saturated fats.  They have less than one gram of carb per serving. They also have some iron and a load of healthy fiber.
  2. Miracle Noodles promotes slow digestion that consequently slows down the absorption of glucose or sugar into your bloodstream.  This can help to balance blood sugar.
  3. Adding miracle noodles provides a sense of variety to the HCG Diet.  There are various recipes available online that could help you to create a different type of HCG dinner; especially in phase 2 when the food choices can seem quite limiting.
  4. Preparation of Miracle Noodles is extremely easy and hardly takes time. They can become a quick fix for hunger that arises on the HCG Diet.


Miracle Noodle Recipes for the HCG Diet

Thankfully,  Tammy Skye, the amazing woman who wrote THE HCG DIET COOKBOOK has come out with some recipes containing miracle noodles for the HCG Diet.  Many of our patients will prepare a mix of vegetable, meat and miracle noodles.  Many people enjoy a nice, clean stone-ground mustard as a “sauce” on the noodles.  It is important to be sure that the mustard is free from any sugar or carbs and is pure ground mustard.  You can also pan fry miracle noodles with a small amount of Bragg’s Liquid amino’s and saute with shrimp for an HCG Diet friendly dinner.  There are also some very clean pasta sauces which are a nice simple way to dress up the miracle noodles.  We love Cucina Antica Marinara!

Disclaimer HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration for weight loss.


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