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Ready for a Great Phase 2 HCG Diet Dinner!

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Cabbage Rolls as an HCG Diet Delicatessen


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What a delicious meal for the HCG Diet Program!

Today for lunch, an HCG Diet patient brought in some cabbage rolls that they had made last night for dinner. One word … delicious. I loved them so much that I immediately asked for the recipe.  I am actually going to swing by New Seasons on my way home from work and grab the ingredients to make them for my family.  I find that the HCG Diet can be more exciting if patients are willing to find that little bit of extra time and spark of motivation to make the food really tasty.  I continue to be amazed (even 10 years later) with all of the delicious meals that can be made with a limited amount of food.


Making HCG Diet Cabbage Rolls in a Nutshell


I plan to post this HCG Diet friendly dinner recipe in our recipe section on www.portlandhcgdiet.com and you can find the step by step there.  In general, you will need a head of green cabbage, tomatoes and sauce, cauliflower, onion, salt, pepper and lean ground beef, ground buffalo or lean ground turkey.  Bring some water to a boil and place head of cabbage in it to simmer for 15 minutes. Then, gently peel the cabbage leaves off one by one and set aside. Grate cauliflower into “rice” sized pieces to equal 1.5 cups.  Sautee onion in a little bit of water and after 5 minutes add the salt and pepper.  Mix the meat (1.5 lbs) together with the onion muxture and then the cauliflower.  Take the leaves and place stem side down so they curve upward slightly.  Place a spoonful of meat mixture in the leaf and roll up and place in a pan with stem side down.  You can put them in a baking dish or in the crock pot.  Put about 1/2 cup of chopped tomatoes and blended tomato sauce on the bottom of the pan and another 1/2 cup on top of rolls.  Bake in oven in covered dish for 90 minutes or in crockpot on low for 5 hours.


Mixing up your Food on the HCG Diet

I do find that the more creative my patients are with the food the more excited they feel about the HCG Diet program in general.  I encourage patients to get inspired and make something delicious.  I find that even those who never thought they could cook at all find how much enjoyment can be had in making a delicious dish.  Give it a try:)


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