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The Amazing Outcome of the HCG Diet for Weight Loss

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Learning Healthy Eating Habits Through the HCG Diet

HCG Diet program PortlandWe live in a unique time when almost any type of food is available to us  every day of the year and all day long. We can constantly eat on-demand if we want to and many people do.  So many parts of our daily life  revolve around food.  Most social gatherings are celebrated with food and drink; we use food to self-pleasure and reward; we choose food to pass time and fill empty moments and we go to food to compliment almost every emotion known to man.  Did you know that it has only been about 150 years that we have the reliance to know we will have our next meal? We are not designed to eat as much or as often as we do in today’s world. We have old genetics that date back 200,000 years and will not evolve to meet the ways of the modern world in our lifetime.  We have have a hormone called insulin that loves to appear when blood sugar elevates and helps us to store fat. This fat storing mechanism was once a great design as we would store fat for fuel for later date when food was scarce.  The problem today is we are walking around with elevated blood sugar due to the foods many people choose. This keeps our insulin levels elevated and keeps us storing fat!

We often ask our HCG Diet patients to consider what and when they would choose if they had limited food options.  Would you choose something delicious that would taste great but most likely had no nutritional value OR would you choose food that was nutrient dense and could fuel your body for many hours or even the whole day.   The choices we make with what to put in our mouth every day dictate the health of our body!  I firmly believe that what is on the end of your fork is the most powerful medicine that you have over time!!! The decisions we make with food ultimately determine whether we lose or gain weight.

Weight Loss is not Easy and the HCG Diet is a Springboard

we often hear that weight loss is a simple a mathematical equation – eat less and move more and you will lose!  If only that were true!  It is a small piece of the picture but not the heart of it. Weight loss and weight gain are far more hormonal than calories in and calories out!  There are a myriad of hormonal factors that determine whether the body will burn fat or store fat for fuel.   The HCG Diet protocol is an amazing tool and process to help patients re-establish a healthy relationship with food.  Through the process, I find that people reset habits and patterns and take the education we offer in regards to the physiology of fat storage to heart.  We also like to assess the that the metabolic systems are functioning optimally and are not a contributing factor to the inability to lose weight.

Many Positive Outcomes of the HCG Diet Protocol

Although losing weight is what initially draws most people to commit to any diet program, it is only one of the many positive outcomes that happen through the HCG Diet process.    At the end of the program, I often see deep transformation in body, mind and spirit.  I see my patients look at food in an entirely new light and love to choose foods that nourish their bodies on a cellular level.   There is a fundamental shift in the emotional impulses that once led the patient to eating.

In my clinical experience, I have never seen anything do what the HCG can do for patients. It inspires me in my practice on a daily basis.  The HCG Diet is not “magic.”  It is a process and an amazing tool that offers us access to change with the deep patterns surrounding food and how we utilize it, both physically and emotionally.  It is such an inspiration!

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