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The HCG DIET was a Game Changer for my Life

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hcg diet portlandI am so thankful for the HCG Diet program that I journeyed through with Dr. Cara at The Natural Path. It has truly changed my life!  I actually cannot believe how I feel in my skin these days and how much I truly enjoy healthy food. Dr. Cara is an incredibly skilled facilitator, a cheerleader of unwavering support. She was able to teach me WHY I stored fat and helped me learn how to eat to keep my body right where I like it.  Dr. Cara is a joy to work with and really helped to keep me fully dialed in, motivated, and inspired. The HCG Diet was a true pathway to health for me. It has been the ultimate springboard for me to live a healthier life and I am beyond grateful for all that I have learned and for the ways that I have transformed. I was initially very skeptical.  My only regret is that I did not do it sooner.


My Weight Loss Journey on the HCG DIET Protocol

In the past 6 months, I completed 2 rounds of the HCG Diet program that were each 6 weeks long. I lost a total of 58 lbs on the program and another 15 lbs on my own. Losing over 70 lbs has been incredible. I found the structure of the diet very easy to follow, and the HCG Rx really curbed my appetite. I did not stray from the phase 2 protocol and consumed almost 1 gallon of water each day.  Healthy food and water were very new to me. I learned how to cook for myself and shop for healthy food at the store. I feel that on a deep level, so many habits and patterns were re-set for me!  I was not blessed to have grown up in a healthy family. Fast food and convenient food options were my go to’s. I will never go back to eating that way.

Moving forward after the HCG Diet program

Now that I am satisfied with my body composition, I am following an eating plan that really satisfies me. I have learned which foods simply do not work for me and which foods really keep me sustained. I indulge once or twice per week yet, I can always get back on track to my maintenance plan. Dr. Cara is always there for me if I feel I have a question or a concern in regards to weight loss and weight maintenance!

I am so grateful!

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