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The Importance of the Loading Phase on the HCG Diet Protocol

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Welcome to the first 2 days of The HCG Diet program!

HCG DietFAT LOADING OBJECTIVE: In this loading process, you will be building up the Rx HCG in your blood stream.  Once HCG reaches a certain level in the blood stream, it will begin to turn the fat stores over to be utilized in the body for caloric fuel.  At the same time, you will be choosing healthy, high fat foods on your loading days.  These food choices will help to fill your fat stores.  This makes the body feel SAFE when you shift into the lower calorie diet in phase 2 or the “fat burning” phase.  I find that my patients who load well will have an easier time the first week.  I suggest limiting carbs and sugars! This will kick of your round of the HCG Diet program.


Phase I is a very important part of the program.  We find that patients who “skimp” on loading may experience more hunger during the first few days of phase II.  We recommend choosing clean, healthy, organic fats:

  • Higher fat proteins such as bacon, salmon, grass-fed beef, sausage, etc. Leaner meats with lots of butter or coconut oil (organic, grass fed or wild caught preferable)
  • Veggies with butter, coconut oil, olive oil or tahini
  • Avocado’s and olives
  • Nuts and nut butters
  • High fat, organic dairy products — full fat yogurt, whipping cream or sour cream

 You may also indulge in other food and drink.  However, we recommend having limited amounts of foods high in sugars and carbs.  This allows for the carb cravings to begin to decrease before jumping into phase 2!

Enjoy! Indulge in your favorite healthy, high fat foods.  Eat until you are comfortably full and not overly full.  It is not unusual to gain 1-3 pounds … it comes off right away.


Breakfast: Full fat Greek yogurt or 2 whole eggs (only if you eat breakfast)

Snack: ½ c. cashews; ½ c. macadamia nuts; avocado

Lunch: Sausage or high fat, organic meat; vegetables in olive or coconut oil

Snack: Organic ice cream or COCONUT milk-based ice cream if you need a treat

Dinner: 20% fat organic ground beef; salad with tahini and avocado

Dessert: handful of organic, raw nuts

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