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Unlock the Power of Fat Stores for the Body to Utilize as Fuel

HCG DIET PortlandAre you looking to lose weight in a way that is safe, effective and maintainable?  Is your current diet and exercise plan not getting you where you want to be?  Dr. Cara Phillipo has spent that last 15 years of her career deeply immersed in the latest, cutting edge research on the physiology behind sustained weight loss. Using evidence from her years of medical research and clinical practice with weight loss, she has created the LONGEVITY HCG DIET & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.  After 70 years of clinical history, this weight loss program has proven to be safe and effective, while offering incredible results!

Boost Your Fat Burning & Elevate Your Health with this Medically Supervised HCG Diet Plan!

This HCG DIET & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM will specifically allow the body to focus on the burning of fat stores by stimulating liver function, boosting metabolism, elevating ketosis to assist in fat break down and allowing the body and mind to create new habits and patterns with food.  This protocol will also be a deep cleanse and detoxification process.  Daily Rx HCG injections are highly effective when paired with the PHASE 2 FAT BURNING phase food plan.  The specific eating program has come into play after deep investigation of the dietary habits that lead to the break down of fat stores.  Dr. Cara will also teach the benefits of intermittent fasting and lifestyle diets that offer sustained weight loss with proper nutrient balance. The latest research clearly shows that these practices slow the aging process and offer a true sense of vitality and longevity.

Dr. Cara will educate and share with you cutting edge research in an approachable format that is easy to understand and put into practice immediately!  Let’s put health back in your control and move beyond carbohydrate dependence and the inability to lose weight!

*Just a reminder that the FDA does not approve the use of HCG for weight loss.  Therefore, we use Rx HCG for weight loss (along with the specific HCG Diet) as an off label use of the medication.

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