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The Mental Hurdles of Weight Loss

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HCG DIET WEIGHT LOSSFor many people, losing weight is like staring at the bottom of Mt. Everest and wondering if you have what it takes to make the journey to the top.  It takes patience, perseverance and determination.  It’s a challenge and it is SO worth it. When my patients get that first 20 lbs off,  it is amazing to see how much better they feel in their bodies and the confidence that begins to appear in their minds!  Although the road is long and hard, the finish line is attainable … for everyone!

I think most people can admit that the hardest part of losing weight is keeping a good outlook and mentality regarding it. It’s a long, hard road that despite the great reward at the end (that being, improved health and all its benefits) many of us fall short of the finish line.

I love being a cheer leader for my HCG Diet patients and seeing them SHINE so bright as they begin to get close to their weight loss goals.


Building your Mental Strength for Weight Loss

I find that patience is the hardest part for most of my patients.  We live in a world where most everything revolves around instant gratification.  This creates a disconnect with our human body as the natural time for the human body to make change is S-L-O-W!  It may have taken 10 years to gain 50-100 lbs but most people want these pounds off instantly.

Visualize Your Weight Loss Goals! 

Take time every day to make this happen. Imagine with great detail YOU looking your best and feeling your healthiest!  Recommit to your vision on a daily basis … YES, that is each and every day!

Another great tool is to make a vision board!  Use quotes that inspire you, pictures of yourself or others that motivate you. The brain responds to images!  Keep this vision board in sight every day!

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Set smart goals!  Big improvements are a culmination of small goals! Begin by adding in 30 min of exercise 2x /week if exercise has never been a part of your life. Trade in that unhealthy protein bar for a serving of steamed vegetables! Focus on 5 lb weight loss increments!  These realistic goals will keep you motivated and on track.

Support!  Weight Loss Support is Helpful!

If you can find a group of like minded friends to join you on this journey I can almost guarantee it will be more fun!  We all need support at times in our lives. Ask for the help and support that you need to increase your success and accountability.


Keep your mindset POSITIVE!!!

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