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The Ticket To Your Weight Loss Goal is 100%!!

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hcg diet portlandIn my private practice as a Naturopathic physician, I love working with my patients to achieve a body composition that is healthy for them.  Most of the time, this involves weight loss which comes from changes in dietary and lifestyle habits with the HCG Diet or the SYNERGYrx medical weight loss protocol as a catalyst. The majority of my patients come to me with an absolute readiness to change. They are often desperate for help in feeling confidant and happy in their own skin.  I find that due to our social ideals, many woman feel deeply unsatisfied with their bodies.  The power that the number on the scale holds is quite astonishing!  In my work, I help women accept who they are, love themselves deeper and achieve the body composition that makes them feel happier and healthier in life … AND for those who really rock it … they give it 100%!


The first thing that I ask my patients when they come to me is what their level of commitment is to making lasting change!  When working with weight loss, it takes a full on commitment. What I have learned is that 100% commitment is much easier than 99%.  Letting go of behavioral patterns around eating is no simple challenge. These are habits that have been there for nearly a lifetime for most.  The way to a healthier body composition does not need to be full of restriction and boredom. In fact, the road to a healthier you is full of amazing food options.  It is all in the way you choose to see it.  However, you cannot give yourself the le-way to cheat and that is often what happens when we give ourselves 99%.  A full commitment is good thing, it makes us stronger.

Working with the Psychology of Being Human

Lifestyle changes that are necessary to make lasting changes in body composition can seem tough at first! However, in the end, they are so rewarding.  Recently, I read a book on the psychology of binge eating and it was really eye opening. The author was a psychologist and he asked his patients to separate from the part of themselves that liked to binge and call it the “pig.”  I know this sounds silly but it really is effective.  The “pig” likes ambiguity … this means that giving your weight loss commitment 99% is kind of like a yellow light which to the “pig” who wants to binge is pretty much the green.  When the commitment is 100%, it is black or white.  When the commitment is 100%, there is no ambiguity and this is necessary when you want to change your diet especially in a world where food is in an incredible over abundance!
Putting 99-percent effort into things that matter in life means we are constantly falling short of our potential—and feeling bad about it.  This works for any aspect of life. You can’t give 100% to everything so take inventory in your own life and figure out what needs 100%. In my patient population, I find that so many of them spend hours per day feeling horrible about their bodies and would love to change it but do not give it the effort that it takes — `100%!!!
True joy can be experienced when we move toward the potential of what we can be. I absolute love watching my patients transform. It is amazing what extra weight on the body can do to the human spirit.  It is amazing to see people shine with confidence as they commit 100% and the pounds melt away.  Those that succeed are the ones that commit!
What would you like to give 100% to!?
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