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Pathway #1 for Optimal Fat Burning: Nutrition

hcg diet portlandThe first step to switching over to a fat-burning metabolism is to change your fuel mix by changing what you eat.  If we can learn to limit our carbohydrate intake and truly get most of what we need from clean, organic vegetables and clean, proteins we will shift our body into a state of metabolic wellness. Intermittent fasting is also a key!  Put your food in an 8 hour or less eating window each day and give your body a break!  It’s amazing what happens within a couple of months of dialing into intermittent fasting.

Pathway #2 to Assist with Fat Burning: Sleep

If we do not sleep enough or even deeply enough we compromise or metabolic wellness.  The body will usually register sleep deprivation as stress.  Also, not getting enough sleep will usually stimulate appetite and also create dysfunction with the hormonal balance in our bodies.  If we can optimize our sleep, we can get to a better place metabolically!

Pathway #3: Letting go of Stress to Optimize Fat Burning

I hate to say this but for some people with a certain set of genetics chronic stress will lead to chronic weight gain.  When the stress hormone like cortisol goes too high, it literally tells your body to store fat around the middle, break down muscle, and further reduce your metabolic rate.  You need to learn how to deal with stress because you simply can’t ignore it if you are going to be successful on your mission to optimize metabolism and lose weight.

Pathway #4: Detoxification of the Body Helps us to Burn Fuel

Toxins can profoundly wreak havoc on our fat-burning hormones.  Toxins often damage our mitochondria which can lead to less production of energy, damage the hormonal receptors on the cell membrane and increase oxidative damage to the cells and DNA.  All of this can lead to disease, as well as, pre-mature aging.  Toxins will also zap your energy and keep your body from burning fat efficiently.

Pathway #5: Exercise and its Impact on Fat Burning

Within reason, most exercise will elevate the overall health of the body.  There is truth to the statement that exercising for health and exercising for fat loss are not necessarily the same thing. The right kind of exercise, stimulates fat-burning enzymes, gets your hormonal symphony in harmony and takes you out of sugar-burning mode and into fat-burning heaven.


Let’s get started!  We discover all of these great lifestyle changes in the HCG Diet Program that we offer at The Natural Path!

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