Have you tried HCG Diet Friendly Palmini Noodles?

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I just LOVE Palmini pasta noodles. I have tried a lot of pasta alternatives before, but Palmini is truly unique.  It is a wonderful  low-carb pasta option and super versatile! They are plant based noodles without a soggy texture. Literally, they are strips of the vegetable hearts of palm. I wish you could have tasted the lasagna I made my family last night with these noodles!

I have just completed 2 weeks of clinical trials with my patients on the HCG Diet phase 2 with Palmini noodles.  They seem to be a wonderful addition to the program!  Palmini does taste like hearts of palm – I guess that would make perfect sense. It has a little tang to it if you were to eat it raw. I find if I soak them in a bit of almond milk the tang gets neutralized pretty quickly. Many love them warmed up and topped with my favorite HCG Diet Pasta sauce ~ Cucina Antica Marinara.  You can even add some lean ground beef in there for a full Phase 2 HCG Diet meal!  Another nice way to prep is to get the noodles dry and the fry them up with a little Braggs, your favorite protein and veggies for a wonderful stir-fry combination!  These noodles also come in the form of Lasagna noodles and can be layered with lean ground beef, tomato sauce and a smidge of low-fat, organic cottage cheese mixed with nutritional yeast.  Delicious!!!

The serving size is 1/3rd of the container and I am allowing this as an add on to the protocol. No need to count it as a veggie serving. It seems to be working well and adding some variety.  The noodles come in the form of angel hair, linguine and lasagna style.  This whole food pasta alternative is low in carbs, low in calories, gluten-free, high-fiber, low in sugar, and Palmini pasta works with most diets!


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