HCG Diet Friendly Meatza!!

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This past week, I had 4 different patients share with me their favorite HCG Diet Meatza recipes.  I love when my patients bring in pictures of their amazing food creations.  Learning to cook with this specific list of ingredients is truly a fun, creative challenge. This is just another wonderful aspect of the HCG Diet journey!  It really is a journey and learning to love food and get excited about nourishing your body on a cellular level is a big part of this process!

What is an HCG Diet Phase 2 Meatza?  Just a few months ago I was wondering that too. Well, it is a form of pizza that uses a clean, ground meat as the base with toppings of your choice. The fun part is getting creative in how to put it all together. I have made so many different kinds with so many different flavors.  One of my favorites is a simple, clean, lean ground turkey patted down into a 10 inch circle about 1/2″ thick!  I love blending the turkey with cumin, coriander, salt and pepper.  On top, I use a few tbsp of Cucina antica Marinara sauce with a thin layer of  a blended mixture of low fat, organic cottage cheese and nutritional yeast.  This gets baked in the oven at 300 degrees for 15 min and then topped with veggies of your choice. A simple handful of arugula adds a freshness!

When making your HCG Diet friendly meatza, I would suggest using about 7 oz of ground meat from the phase 2 foodlist.  You can top with 2+ cups of veggies from your phase 2 HCG Diet food list and each Meatza will offer 2 servings and be a complete protein and veggie serving!


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