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Making Healthy Food Choices through the Holidays

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Making the Holidays Healthy and Happy

The holidays are just around the corner. If you are anything like me, this seems really crazy. Where does the time go?  With the holidays comes the festive, holiday cheer that really brightens the short, dark days of winter.  However, the holidays also come with a crazy amount of marketing around FOOD … and most of the food that has the spotlight over the holiday season is not very good for our bodies.  Remember, it is our minds that believe these sugary, rich, tasty foods are what we want. We love that feeling of the way food activates our senses and our tastebuds!  Once the food heads down to the stomach to be utilized and digested it has a negative, inflammatory impact on the body. Most people will go through the holiday season and put on 6-10 lbs and if you are over 40, it is really hard to get this weight off.  This is important to remember.  I ask all of my HCG Diet patients to keep hold of the reigns this holiday season and enjoy healthy food that still makes the soul feel good.


Be Mindful with Food – You will find food EVERWHERE and friends want to say “I love you” with cookies and cakes.  Be aware of what is best for you and what your health goals are.  You do not need to say NO and feel deprived.  Instead, check out the 2 bite rule where you take 1-2 small bites and enjoy them fully. The neat things is that you will have enjoyed these 2 bites more than the person next to you who just devoured the entire thing without even thinking myuch about it.


Fill your Plate with 90% healthy vegetables and proteins and add a small amount of things that you love but know are not the best for your body.  Enjoy the indulgences slowly and thoroughly.  Feel proud that you have put your bodies healthy needs first. Find the right balance for you.  If we consume large amounts of sugar, we weaken our immune system and run the risk of getting sick.


Connect with loved ones! Make this the priority this holiday season.  This is nurturing our emotional being and offers great satisfaction Be a supportive friend to others! Take great care of one another. It’s good for your spirit to connect and be kind!


Add Self Care to your Daily Routine  What can you add to your life that will help to  improve your health?  Maybe get a massage, reflexology, acupuncture a pedicure or some new bath salts.  Perhaps, you could try some new healthy foods!  I like to remind my friends to do a good clean up of nutrition in the diet in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hit the easy button on the sugary baked goods, and alcoholic beverages.


Maintain your Health Regimen Keep your nourishing diet, keep your stress level down, exercise regularly, get good sleep, keep your attitude of gratitude and with this all there you will be healthy through the holidays.


Here are seven of my daily personal habits that are important for my own well-being

  • Eating healthy nourishing foods and not eating into the night
  • Nourishing my body with lots of herbal teas an pure water through the day
  • Exercising 6-7 days per week and incorporating stretching in the evening
  • Chewing my food really well
  • Focusing my diet around vegetables and clean, lean proteins
  • Nourishing myself with good sleep
  • Making sure I love the people in my life each and every day
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