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Oh, the Plateau! How to Manage Stalls on the HCG Diet Protocol

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Stalls or staying the same weight for a few days can be physiologically NORMAL. We all have this idea that if you are eating a certain way and limiting calories, then the weight should just fall off little by little each day. If only it was so predictable!  Calories in, calories out is  simply not how weight loss works. Weight loss is far more hormonal and Insulin is the hormone that takes the biggest responsibility for weight gain.  Through the program, we work to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable.  We also strive to reset insulin resistance over time so that the body can process blood sugar more appropriately.  I teach all of my HCG Diet patients about the physiological effects of insulin in the body.

Stalls and Plateaus are Normal on the HCG Diet Protocol

It is true! To expect one number to go down a bit each day on the scale is just simply unrealistic. I generally see more of a stair step fashion with weight loss on the scale. I also expect in female patients to see one or two stalls on the program that can last anywhere from 3-7 days. I know this can be annoying to many. However, it is normal for the body to re-calibrate and hold onto water in response to weight loss. The female body also holds water for MANY different reasons and we need to account for that happening as well. Occasionally, patients will stall at weights in which they had previously spent some length of time at in their life. I call these “set point” stalls and they seem to be the most challenging stalls to overcome. However, with any stall, stick with it and the results will follow!

Some Useful Tips to Help with Stalls on the HCG Diet Program


  1. WATER!!!  I always like to be sure all of my patients are drinking 2-4 liters of water each day. This can also be herbal teas or pure sparkling/mineral water.  This will help to flush toxins from fat break down.
  2. FAT!  Try having a tbsp of avocado or 1 tsp of coconut oil. I do not recommend this on a regular basis but, sometimes a littel fat can get things moving.
  3. Patience/Trust – Stalls are also 100% physiologically normal here and there and they are to be expected for a few days. Other reasons for stalls are constipation, increased sodium intake and also pre menstrual.
  4. APPLE DAY.  Reduce your fluid intake to about 1-2 liters today and enjoy 5-6 small, organic apples.  Apples are astringent and can  rid the body of extra fluids.
  5. Limit your RED MEAT to  1-2 servings per week. Red meat often has a salt added to it to keep it pink in the store which can create water retention for some. It can also slow down digestion.
  6. Be sure all of your spices and spice blends are free from added salt and sugars
  7. Do not mix vegetables — only during a stall! I am fine with veggie mixing prior to stalls as long as it is equal the 1-2 cup serving size.
  8. Try mixing up your food and having a little variety with your proteins and veggies.
  9. Please choose ORGANIC foods and free-range proteins as often as you can to avoid all of the toxins, antibiotics, etc.  in the conventional “animal farming” world.
  10. Make sure all vegetables are fresh!
  11. For females, 99.9% of females will stall or even gain slightly prior to menstruation.
  12. Make sure your bowels are moving at least every other day if not daily.  Drink 2-3 tsp of CALM at night and Mag07 is also one of my favorite, non-habit forming laxatives.
  13. Try starting the day with 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water. You can also add a little lemon juice if you would like.
  14. Be sure you are not over doing your exercise. Sore muscles is usually created by lactic acid build up and will always have water retention long with it.
  15. SLEEP!!! Many patients have less weight loss on nights that they do not sleep well!
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