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The HCG Diet as Detox and Reset of Habits and Patterns

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My name is Alicia and I have been a patient of Dr. Cara’s for many years now. She has helped my life transform.  Today, I am on Phase III of this truly amazing HCG Diet & Wellness program.  I am feeling really fabulous and my eating patterns (which I had thought were super healthy before) have taken on a whole new level of CLEAN!  I knew this was a great program and now that I have gone through it as a cleanse for myself I am blown away by how powerful it is.

Although I was not doing this program to lose weight and modified it to a point of eating 1.5 -2x the normal amount of food I lost 7.5 lbs. and 7 lbs. pound of it was body fat.  I have worked out almost daily throughout my 25 days so far on the program. I feel very lean and alive.

What does Phase III of the HCG Diet mean?

Phase III is called STABILIATION, as this is the time where we want the weight loss to stabilize.  This means that there is no need to continue to lose weight and if you follow the guidelines you will not gain weight either.  In this part of the program, you keep sugars and starches out for three more weeks (other than that from non-starchy vegetables and low glycemic fruits).  You begin to add in a moderate amounts of fats and depending upon your needs you will eat 900-1500 calories per day.  Your vegetable list expands immensely from the veggie list on phase II (HCG Phase) and you can have any type of protein that you like.

For me, I am a simple eater.  In phase I, I loved eating apple, celery & chicken chopped up and mixed in stone ground mustard.  I LOVE this meal.  I just finished a big bowl of it for lunch.  I have zero cravings for carbs and sugars out side of veggies and fruits.  I let myself eat whatever quantities I want now of lean protein and vegetables.

My New Lifestyle Diet Post HCG Diet Program

This is a big step … but, I think I am going to be one of those people that just says NO to any kind of sugar other than fresh fruit on occasion in my diet.  I have no cravings for it at this point at all and would like to keep it that way.  Sugar is an addiction so once I start having some again I know I will crave it here and there.  I also plan to say NO to ALL grains.  I do not feel like I need them in anyway.  I will continue paleo baking for my children so they can have yummy, healthy treats and maybe on occasion I will have a bite but I see how this will not make my body feel great.  I want to continue to eat simple lean proteins, healthy fats via coconut oil and hemp seeds, lots of green and colorful vegetables and fruits with lots of pure water.  That is my hope for now and made up 85% of my diet before the program.


This HCG Diet program has been the best thing I have ever done. I LEARNED so much about myself and feel like I have a new lease on LIFE!!!


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