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The HCG Diet Program is a Perfect Kick Start to a New Years Resolution

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This is the time of year when our HCG Diet Program seems to help many patients kick start their New Years resolution to lose weight and reset eating patterns.  For many, another round of the HCG Diet is just another round of learning about their individual relationship with food and what it looks and feels like to eat a clean, lean diet for 6-10 weeks.  So much happens during this time. It is truly a powerful transformation!  I love to see people feel good in their bodies. I love to see people feeling empowered in their lives. I love helping people to stay inspired and tuned into optimal health.

The Ultimate Goal with the HCG Diet is to Feel Great in Your Own Skin

For many patients, the number on the scale can determine how they feel about themselves on a deep level. At our clinic, we ask our patients to work at eliminating any emotions that are wrapped up with the number on the scale.  We like to help our patients to unsubscribe from the societal pull to look a certain way.  It is more important as you lose weight to have the goal of feeling less inflammed, feeling lighter and more energetic and simply feeling great!

Learning to Cook and Eat with “Real” Food is a Perk of the HCG Diet

On the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path, you will learn to cook and prepare meals using clean, lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. You will do this for 6-10 weeks and after this time most patients will continue with their new, healthy eating patterns.  In my eyes, this is the true benefit of the HCG Diet program.  Our patients learn incredible skills related to how they nourish themselves and most will carry this knowledge with them far off into the future.  It is not uncommon for our patients to tell us that their lives are forever changed after the HCG Diet Program.



** The HCG Diet is not FDA approved for weight loss.

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