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The Hormonal Symphony of Fat Burning – HCG Diet

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hcg diet portlandWhen I was a kid, every time we’d pass an obese person on the street, my favorite Aunt who is also an MD would say … “that is because they eat too much sugar.”  I feel lucky to have learned at a very young age the detriment of daily sugar consumption. Many people do not learn this!  In fact, I never judge the diet of another as I truly feel it is a privilege these days to know how to eat in a way that supports optimal wellness in the body. When patients come to me for the hCG Diet protocol, we spend a great deal of time uncovering the basics of sugar metabolism and its role in fat storage.

Fat Storage and Hormones

We have known for a long time that fat storage and sugar consumption went hand in hand.  We now also understand that fat storage also happens due to hormones! Many hormones play a role in fat burning.  Hormones control fat burning, fat storage and even appetite.


If you’re familiar with my work over the last fourteen years, you will know that I talk A LOT about insulin! Insulin is also known as the “fat-storage hormone.  It is one of the most important hormones to learn about if we want to lose excess fat!

There are also many other hormones that help with regulating fat storage and fat breakdown in the body. Insulin does get most of the press these days as it is the main player (that we currently know of) that locks up our fat stores for fuel for later.  At least 6-8 other hormones work with insulin to regulate appetite, hunger, cravings, fat storage and fat burning.

The ideal would be to create  hormonal environment that nudges you away from sugar burning and toward a fat-burning metabolism. We will learn more about each specific hormone in Blog entries to come. Stay tuned!

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