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The Importance of Hydration on the HCG Diet Plan

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Water is truly essential on a weight loss program and especially on the HCG Diet protocol.  In medical school, we were taught to suggest half of your body weight in ounces each day for optimal function.  On the HCG Diet, we are mobilizing fat stores and unfortunately, our fat stores can be reserves for toxins in our body.  As we turn over fat, we are proving the body with caloric fuel, vitamins and minerals (yes, they can live in fat too) and there is also a bit of a toxic load. For this reason, I like to have ALL of the routes of elimination working properly!  As we know, water is also very helpful with hunger management and in fact, they say the signal for thirst is often interpretted by our bodies as hunger. I know this is true for myself.

Water and Weight Loss Goals

Water is such an important and life giving commodity for human beings. Water is life! Can you believe that 75% of Americans are in a state of dehydration? Did you know that dehydration can slow down metabolism?  It is counter intuitive but we find on our body composition analyzer that those with dehydration actually may hold onro water.  As fat is being broken down on the HCG Diet program, we really want water to be plentiful to help the kidneys remove the toxins and waste from the burning fat stores and eliminate it from the body.  I have certainly found that water is a key to success with my HCG Diet patients. Water will help with hunger, toxin removal, fatigue and constipation on the protocol.


Tricks to Getting More Water In

It sounds silly, but getting a water bottle that you love may help get the hydration in.  I personally do better with a straw and I try to take 6 gulps at a time. I also suggest when patients feel hungry to immediately drink 8-12 ounces of water and then re-assess hunger in 5 minutes. I find that in most cases, hunger will dissipate with water. You can also add lemon, tea bags or stevia drops to your water if it helps to get it down. Saty hydrated and enjoy the HCG Diet process!



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