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A Positive Attitude is the Key to Great Health

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Attitude is a Key to Health

hcg diet and exerciseDiet, Exercise, Sleep and Attitude are pillars to health. In my years of experience in the field of integrative medicine, I have seen what a huge impact ATTITUDE has on my patients.  

The mind is one our most under utilized power tools and we ALL have one.  Perhaps, yours is stuck in some negative patterning, but the good news is that with some practice and awareness this patterning can change and life can go from bad to good with a simple change in frequency. It might take some time and it might be a struggle here and there, but the patterns can change!  Seeing these changes happen in people’s lives unbelievably rich!
Our attitude often affects our choices and our dietary and life style choices strongly impact our health!

The Positive and Negative Spectrum of ATTITUDE

There is a positive to a negative spectrum with attitude and both frequencies are available.  For some it is natural to gravitate towards the positive side.  For others, due to conditioning through life or a series of unfortunate circumstances the normal channel seems to be the negative.  Good news: the channel can be changed!
I am grateful to always see (well most of the time anyway) the glass as half full!  For the half empty folks, this can just be their norm and with some awareness of thoughts and behaviors this automatic negative can be changed to an automatic positive. One of the best parts of being human is being able to work with the neuro-plasticity of our brains to make CHANGE!
In working with HCG Diet patients, I come across so many patients who have poor dietary habits even though they think they are eating “healthy.”  One of my favorite parts of the HCG Diet program is teaching patients about choosing nutrient rich foods for fuel.  We also have to work with behaviors and patterns around food. It is amazing how quickly patients become aware of their bad patterns and begin to unravel the negative patterning and replace it with some positive patterns.  In my opinion, changing negative patterning/behaviors in our lives is the real medicine!  

Tips to Help Shift to an Attitude of Gratitude

  • Seek out friends and practitioners who support your journey and lift you up!  I try to lift up each and everyone of my patients as they truly are all unique and special!  
  • Find friends who will help you change unhealthy patterns and support the good ones!
  • Set goals for yourself and commit to it.  For instance, “I wlll walk every day this week for 30 minutes.”  This is an attainable goal and after you stick with it, you will be quite proud and continue climbing the health ladder.
  • Have a mind/body connection time each week.  Take the time to take some breaths and connect with YOU.  If it interests you, check out some qi gong, tai chi, gentle yoga and/or meditation.  This is a goal of mine this year!
  • Give to and support others. Giving is just so empowering and feels wonderful!  Helping others is really a joy booster.
  • Visualize your body (mind and spirit too) in a new light. Envision yourself following the life you would love to be living.  What would it look like if you chose delicious chopped vegetables or a few slices of fruit for dessert followed by a bath over the ice cream on the couch pattern.  
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