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Awareness is an Amazing Weight Loss Tool on the HCG Diet Program

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Friends, we are up against a lot when it comes to the food industry. We have a human brain with a strong addictive potential.  Then, we have a food industry that employs people with advanced training in psychology and behavior to make it so that you want MORE.  Advertising agencies spend millions of dollars to figure out what creates the desire for MORE in our human population. This is a deliberate sustained force that pushes you to eat MORE!  One thing I love about our HCG Diet program at The Natural Path is the amount of education that we deliver to all of our patients.

The Food Industry is Making us Sick

If all adults with excess fat stopped buying into the processed food industry they would be gone. Our culture would clearly be healthier and most of the distracting food that truly only hurts our body once swallowed would be gone. I am dreaming. However, I truly thing our food industry is criminal.  What is the point in making Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts, Doritos, soda, Cheetos, etc.  These foods have nothing but harm to offer their predators.

They say the average American has 23 lbs of excess fat. This calculates to be over 80,000 calories worth of excess fuel.  As we buy into the world of processed foods or even excess healthy foods we are supporting the food and the fitness industry.

It is a Privilege to Know how to Eat Well

Honestly, if you go by what you watch on television, you might think Lucky Charms or some breakfast cereal is a great way to start the day.  After all, they are fortified with vitamins … right?!  Yikes!  Be careful what you believe.  Government food policies are handled by the USDA and FDA who are in large part controlled by corporations. No one is really on your side teaching you the proper way to eat to support the trillions of cells that you are made of and to be and feel like the most incredible version of YOU!  That is my goal is to help to teach you to eat in a way that makes YOU SHINE!

Your best defense with the food industry that constantly has their harpoon aimed at your appetite is AWARENESS.  Keep in mind when you see an advertisement on television or in a magazine for food that they really just want your cash. I teach my children that … if they have to advertise a food then it is not good for you. When is the last time you saw an ad for broccoli spears or beautiful leaves of kale. That simply wouldn’t make anyone any profit!  When you see an ad for food remind yourself … they want me to want something that I do not really need and that will only hurt my body.”

It is unfortunate that in today’s world most public PR teams are not looking out for the good of the consumers. They are simply after the dollars.

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