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Benefits of The Longevity HCG Diet & Weight Loss Program

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The Longevity HCG Diet & Weight Loss Program

hcg diet portland

  • Increases cellular metabolism to allow burning of stored fat
  • Springboard to weight loss
  • Increase in energy and motivation
  • Boosts stamina and endurance
  • Increase mental clarity and focus
  • Helps with caloric utilization in the body
  • Allows the body to cleanse and detoxify
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Reduces bloating and fluid retention
  • Up-regulates liver function
  • Breaks carbohydrate dependence
  • Reset habits and patterns with food and blood sugar regulation
  • Learn dietary habits to promote fat burning
  • Elevate your health and longevity
  • REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS from our modernized HCG Diet Program

Weekly SLIM SHOT™ Lipotropic Injection

Our specific lipotropic nutrient blend was designed with the highest potency nutrients for the most effective results.  Lipotropic means a “fat loving” formulation known to help the body break down and metabolize fat stores for fuel.  Our specific lipotropic formulation was created by Dr. Cara Phillipo N.D. and Dr. Robert Madda N.D. through months of research and clinical experience.  Our blend is a combination of high potency vitamins, minerals and amino acids all in very specific amounts to allow for deeper fat metabolism and cleansing.

Our daily lipotropic injection includes high potency forms of Vitamin B12 and the entire complex of B vitamins.  We also add the highest quality forms of methionine, inositol, choline, arginine and carnitine.  In combination, we have seen these injections elevate energy, manage appetite, improve mood, assist the liver with processing fat, all while allowing the body to deeply cleanse and detoxify.

This is an optional weekly injection for our patients on the program. 


  • Comprehensive consultation prior to beginning your HCG Diet journey. Medical history, body composition analysis, lab work and overall weight loss goals will be reviewed.
  • Weekly or every other week (your choice) face to face check-ins with Dr. Cara to discuss progress, obstacles and concerns. Medical guidance is available through the program via email between office visits. We encourage our patients ask any questions they may have during the program. We like to be of support.
  • Rx HCG will be prescribed
  • Weekly injection of methylated, high-potency B-12
  • Specific, well-researched food plan for all 3 phases of the program.
  • State of the art body comp analysis before/after (only)
  • HCG Diet Weight Loss Manual and Tracker written by Dr. Cara
  • Support as needed through the process via text/email to Dr. Cara
  • Invaluable knowledge on the science behind fat storage and fat breakdown in the body based on the latest research and Cara’s clinical experience. Knowledge = Power!

The Longevity HCG Diet and wellness plan is a culmination of Dr. Cara’s clinical weight loss experience combined with the latest cutting-edge research. The Rx HCG, specific Phase 2 (Fat Burning Phase) eating protocol, along with Dr. Cara’s comprehensive care and knowledge will help you succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.  This program has been extremely transformative for so many of our patients.  The HCG diet works to metabolize fat, stimulate the liver and elevate metabolic function. The “reset” of habits and patterns through this process also lends to its incredible long-term success. This LONGEVITY HCG DIET & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM will allow you to lose weight safely and effectively.

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