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Helping with Hunger on the HCG DIET

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HCG DIET for weight lossOf course, there will be moments on the HCG Diet when you need to dig your heels in due to a food craving or maybe even some good old fashion hunger.  The HCG Diet is certainly not a starvation diet and in most cases, patients deal with hunger that is very manageable if there at all.  Remember, the pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic dose of rx HCG will be helping to turn those fat stores for caloric fuel for your body to utilize!


In the early stages of the HCG Diet, it is not unusual to feel hungry as your body adjusts and begins to let go of hunger and cravings.  As the program continues, it generally gets A LOT easier. However, there may be moments of hunger for some patients.
Here are some tips and tricks to help deal with hunger and reduce it as much as possible.

WATER WATER WATER – can suppress appetite on The HCG Diet

I recommend that all of our patients drink 2-4 liters of water each day on the program.  I have found that patients who are dehydrated on the program experience far more hunger and therefore have a higher risk of cheating.  Tea is another alternative for hydration as is any sparkling water that has nothing added.

COFFEE is also known to suppress appetite

Another appetite suppressant that works well with the HCG Diet is coffee. The caffeine in coffee helps to control your appetite naturally, and I have seen this to be quite effective. Of course, you will need to drink your coffee black  Stevia is truly the only sweetener that can be safely used on the program.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, this would not be a great option for you!

GREEN  TEA helps with Hunger

Green tea is also a well-known appetite suppressant. Green tea has certain compounds that can also help with weight loss. Green tea has been shown to decrease appetite by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down dopamine and norepinephrine. Green tea also releases a substance known as CCK which helps to reduce appetite. Green tea also contains compounds that are thermogenic and assist with fat burning.

Space out Your Meals on the HCG Diet

We all have a unique way of regulating our blood sugar and some people simply need to eat more frequently than others.  It is worth experimenting with to find a rhythm with meal times on the HCG Diet that works best for you.  On the flip side, some patients do better while eating one large meal.


On the HCG Diet, you definitely want to be sure that you’re getting the recommended 3.5 – 4 ounces of protein per meal.  Lowering your protein will make you feel more hungry between meals.


Please do not forget that you have some “free food” options on The Natural Path HCG Diet that are well worth it.  Go for your 2-3 free egg whites daily and have lots of celery, cucumber, radishes, lettuce and cabbage. I find that these options really help our patients get through any hunger with ease!  These free vegetables are there for you and they help SO many people through. Not only are they great fiber, they also help psychologically!
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