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Keeping up with Exercise on the HCG Diet

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Do I Need to Stop Exercising on the HCG Diet?

HCG DIet PortlandThis is a very common question that I get from my HCG Diet patients?  My answer is always to keep the rhythm of exercise while on phase 2 of the HCG Diet and cut back on the intensity.  A daily or almost daily rhythm of gentle exercise is truly important.  I would never recommend that my patients stop exercising on the program.

On another note, I also would not recommend that my patients who have not exercised in years take up a moderate exercise regimen on phase 2 of the HCG Diet.  I ask these patients to create a rhythm for exercise that begins with a daily 15 minute walk.  At the end of phase 2, this walk can be intensified into a light jog or a class at the gym.


It’s pretty common to jump into an exercise routine with full vigor for a few months and then slowly you begin to skip a workout here and there … and then one workout turns to two … and then it turns to three … and before you know it, two or three weeks have passed by without one day of exercise. THEN … it seems so hard to get back into the groove of exercise.  Well, my advice is to let go of the excuses and make it non-negotiable.

Of course, there will be lots of reasons that even the greatest fitness enthusiast takes a “break” from the workout schedule … vacation, work meetings, family obligations, illness, injury, etc.  It is also necessary to give your body some time to rest and recover if you train hard most days!  Exercise is stress on the body and although a healthier stress than some forms … stress is stress!

Yet, if that needed break gets extended and you go beyond a week without activity, you will most likely begin to experience the effects known as “de-training,” a phenomenon in which you lose the beneficial effects of training and may notice a reduction in physical fitness.  The extent of fitness that is lost depends upon the length of time you have taken off, your level of fitness and your age.  Good news is that you can jump back on board and bring that fitness level back up to speed!

In general, after a 14 day break from an exercise regimen, most people will see a reduction in cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle mass. After an 8 week hiatus from an exercise regimen, even the most religious fitness experts most will see changes in body composition, as well as a reduction in insulin sensitivity.


If you need to tone your exercise down while on the HCG Diet or for some other health reason … here are some tips to help you to KEEP the rhythm of exercise in your life.

  • Try gentle activities such as yoga, walking  or a gentle bike ride
  • Take the stairs.  Adding stairs to your daily routine is great for those larger muscle groups in the legs.
  • Try some online or on demand workouts that you enjoy and suit your current fitness level
  • If an injury is holding you back, try working out other muscle groups that are not affected.
  • Be sure to maintain great nutrition!
  • Have fun and find something you enjoy!


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