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The Dynamics of Eating

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hcg diet portlandWe often think of only the food on the plate when we consider a meal. However, I truly believe that HOW we eat is also very important.  I am also not saying that there is a right or a wrong way here. Personally, I am a grazer. I do not enjoy putting a lot of food in my system at one time. Many other people I know do much better with specific meals at specific times.

It is also important to consider when we choose to put food in our bodies. Many people have adopted different styles of intermittent fasting that works best for them.  I also think there is wisdom in giving the body a minimum of 16 hours of fasting without caloric food.  I also suggest beginning your fasting window 3 hours or more before bedtime.  There are many studies that show the benefit of this habit.

Click here to learn (IF article link) about the benefits of intermittent fasting

Sitting Down to Eat your Food

I am just as guilty as the next person for eating quickly and mindlessly all too often. I have adopted an awareness practice of late to slow down and appreciate and enjoy my food when I do eat.  Taking a minute to give thanks to what is before us is a wonderful practice. With each bite, I try to chew my food really slowly and enjoy the flavors and the consistency in my mouth.  Sometimes, it is even nice to think about what you eat and what your gastro-intestinal tract will do with that food. Will it nourish you? Will it spike your blood sugar and create a flood of insulin and then put a little layer of fat on the hips?

When we slow down to eat, we activate our para-sympathetic nervous system.  This puts us in the perfect mode to digest our food properly. When we eat on the fly and in a sympathetic-dominant mode we do not digest properly.

Chewing your Food

I love the idea of sitting down and eating. I love the idea of CHEWING food slowly!  Did you know that we have teeth and salivary enzymes in our mouth that are designed to pre-digest our food to make it easier on your stomach. With each bite, I try to chew a multitude of times until my teeth and my salivary enzymes have done their job of pre-digestion and then I send my food down to the gastro-intestinal tract.

Slow down and Enjoy your Food

Slow down and enjoy your food. Give thanks for the abundance that you have. Savor the flavors. Enjoy your company. Give your body time. If you eat to quickly, you will not give your brain the time to register that you are actually full. This is very important for maintaining weight and living as the healthiest version of YOU!

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