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The HCG Diet leads to a Healthy Lifestyle Diet

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hcg diet portlandThe HCG Diet & Weight Loss Protocol at The Natural Path 


Well, the whole experience of this HCG Diet Protocol has been AMAZING!  Dr. Robert Madda and I designed this program over 15 years ago and have continued to evolve and study this very effective weight loss program over the years!  It has been a true joy to be able to watch peoples lives transform through this HCG diet and weight loss process right before my very eyes.  The transformation goes way beyond weight loss and creates a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise for the long term (most of the time).  This program gives our patients self confidence and helps them conquer battles of emotional eating.  This program changes lives!


Phase III of the HCG Diet is a Wonderful way to Eat in Life


I love the phase 3 dietary protocol that we have created for our HCG Diet patients at The Natural Path.  In my eyes, it is a great way for many people to eat in their daily life!  Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is very easy to follow.  There are very little to no grains, legumes, high sugar fruits, processed foods, etc.  Many people learn that they LOVE eating simple and healthy!

Moving into Phase IV of the HCG Diet or the Maintenance Phase


As patients move into the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet, I ask them what they plan to do  differently than when they are on phase 3.  The answer … not very much.  Most people love this way of eating and feel satiated and energetic with clean proteins and lots of delicious veggies and moderate amounts of healthy fats.  Of course, the occasional indulgence is a must!  Most patients feel extremely grateful for the  RESET that the HCG Diet process offers.

In my own life, I make this a yearly cleanse and reset protocol for me.  The HCG Diet is way beyond a weight loss program … it is a wellness program.

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