HCG Diet for Cleansing and Fast Weight Loss

Make the HCG Diet Your Last Diet

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At the Natural Path, our two Naturopathic physicians have co-designed an amazing hcg diet & weight management program that has helped thousands of patients to lose that extra weight they have been working on for years.  As I have told many of you before, I was very skeptical of this program many years ago.  Then, I saw some of my patients go through the program with other doctors and the changes that happend on the levels of body, mind and spirit were astounding.  I began deep research into the process and over the past 13 years, the HCG Diet protocol has been my passion. I have evolved Dr. Simeons protocol quite a bit through my own clinical trials and made it manageable, safe and effective.

The program goes far beyond weight loss and helps patients to unravel a disharmonious relationshop with food, shift eating habits and patterns, as well as, lower their cholesterol levels,  blood pressure, blood sugar and normalize so many other bio-markers all without the use of medications.  In fact, many of our patients leave our program off of many medications that they came in on.  We love working with other doctors to create a medical team all working in your favor.

How does our HCG Diet Program Work?

At The Natural Path HCG Diet Portland, each patient starts with a comprehensive evaluation of labs (if needed), past medical history, weight loss goals and body composition analysis.  A personalized solution utilizing our evolved version of the HCG Diet is prescribed that may include high potency B-12/B-complex and amino acid injections to help with weight loss,  as well as, a very low calorie diet and the weight loss plan known as the Natural Path HCG Diet.

Each week that you are on the program, you will have an individualized weekly follow up visits with Dr. Phillipo; nutritional counseling throughout the program; 24/7 support via email or text while under our care on the HCG Diet; Lipotropic injections to increase and speed up the removal of fat in the body and to also prevents excessive fat buildup.

When your goal is reached, appropriate weight maintenance programs will be prescribed and followed. We follow our patients through phase IV to be sure they are able to maintain proper eating habits!  The results truly can be life changing!



*Disclaimer: HCG is not approved by the FDA for weight loss

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