Sleep is Important for Wellness

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hcg diet portlandSleep deprivation is definitely not on the list for a healthy lifestyle.  Sleep is very important for an optimal functioning body and brain!  Remember, some of your most powerful fat-burning hormones—such as growth hormone, which is converted into IGF-1 in your liver—are released during deep sleep. No sleep = no growth hormone = no IGF-1.  We encourage all of our HCG Diet weight loss patients to add hours of sleep to their protocol to maximize the benefits.

The Many Benefits of Good Sleep

Sleep is also important for brain function and overall health.  While our body is at rest, many biochemicals are  created and many connections in the brain are renewed, or strengthened.  Even when we make decisions, researchers suggest to “sleep on it.” Performance, energy, appetite and mood are all profoundly influenced by the quality of your sleep.


The Stress of Sleep Deprivation

Getting very little or low quality sleep is a big stress on the body.  Lack of sleep can result in making poor choices and not feeling well. Stress on the body invites cortisol into the picture which also likes to help increase fat storage. Poor sleep often leads to poor food choices as well.  The good news is that improving your sleep can be easy. It might take some lifestyle changes but it is worth it!

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